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Crafting a Digital Experience


We know that great design is not only vital to creating successful customer experiences but it can also deliver a real competitive advantage. As digital products become more central to our clients’ businesses we see design and user experience (UX) becoming ever more important. We keep our service offering at the cutting edge of the modern web. We provide expertise in a vast array of the most popular platforms on the internet, and more importantly an intimate understanding of how the underlying code of those platforms works. This enables us to customise them to meet any customers need, or build them something completely new that is just for them.

Design and UX

Design & UX

We offer years of finely tuned design & UX experience, gleaned from working with some of the worlds largest and most forward thinking companies, including LBi, Olam International, Toyota, Plan International, Vodafone & Tesco. We understand the fundamental importance of Design & UX to creating successful web products and applications, and base everything we create around these overriding principles.



Mobile is rapidly becoming the de facto method people use to browse the web. At code we design everything we create based on a mobile first, responsive strategy. This means making heavy use of modern web techniques and optimising for mobile browsing speeds, relying on lightweight, high speed HTML, JavaScript and CSS. We test, tweak, test and tweak again to obsessively create the best experience regardless of the users’ device.

custom applications

Custom Builds

We build world class custom made web applications for our clients and ourselves. We utilise modern frameworks like Laravel and Angular to provide big data that loads at lightning speed. We also build mobile apps for Android and iOS, built natively to take the most advantage possible of the platforms best offerings.

Advanced Systems and Platforms

Our team has been working across the breadth of web systems and platforms for many years. We know our WordPress from our SharePoint, our Angular from our ReactJS, and our LESS from our SASS. We work with all these systems on a day to day basis, ensuring our skills are up to date. We make use of popular frameworks like Laravel to help us cost effectively deliver custom built solutions quickly and to great effect. We are platform agnostic, ensuring we will only recommend the right system for your projects needs.


WordPress is the most commonly used CMS on the internet. We provide solutions to clients based on WordPress to provide them with their first web presence, up and running in hours, or a completely customised multi-thousand page implementation that pushes the platform to its limits, but still delivers sub-second load times.


Laravel is a modern PHP framework for web artisans. We are experts in this framework, utilising it to provide enterprise class products and solutions in record time, both for our customers and ourselves. We extend and stretch the framework to enable blistering load speeds across millions of rows of data.


SharePoint continues to be a ubiquitous platform within the intranet environment. We provide expert UX design services to SharePoint Agencies like Sword Charteris to help them provide large scale, user led experiences to companies like Plan International and Toyota, making the best use of both SharePoint on premise and Office 365.

CMS Systems

CMS Systems

We provide highly customised themes for CMS platforms like WordPress and Drupal that delight our clients with their easy to use, familiar interfaces that allow them to be masters of their own content. When help is needed with enhancing their offering, we are always at hand.


Themes & Skins

We provide custom made, beautiful themes and skins across a plethora of web platforms including Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, SharePoint, OpenText Media Manager and many more.



We build our applications using a modular methodology, allowing elements to be added and removed from various parts of a site very easily. This means our iterative design and programming process can adapt quickly and easily to changing client needs.



We have worked with pretty much every eCommerce platform you are likely to have heard of; Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and more. We understand our clients’ need for easy to manage platforms, and their customers need for easy to navigate storefronts. Our work provides companies with marked increase in conversions, improved ROI and a system flexible enough to support their future needs.

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