Impellam Group

​Impellam Group is the 2nd largest staffing business in the UK and 6th largest MSP provider worldwide.

Impellam asked us to provide front end build and SharePoint expertise to implement their jobs functionality across their many brands. We were to provide a rapid turnaround solution so that new brands could be brought on quickly and easily, without the need to recreate a lot of functionality.
We created a front end layer to the SharePoint custom web part functionality that effectively created a 'white-label' version of their job search and web site engine. This allowed us to simply create a new set of CSS for each brand as they came on board the new platform, massively reducing the time to get individual websites up and running.
The 'white-label' process meant that after the initial engine development was complete, we could apply multiple, very different brand treatments to the same functionality in a very short period of time. This enabled us to take a website from photoshop mockup to delivered system in an average of ten days, reducing the total cost of the project by a significant amount.

Brand Examples
"I've worked with Ben on the production of a number websites. His knowledge on all aspects of development is second to none and he always offers creative solutions to challenging requirements.

The quality of his work speaks for itself but he is also a pleasure to work with. He’s personable, communicative and dedicated to achieving the best end-product. I recommend Ben for any project, however complex."
Daniel New, Head of Digital

Layering Functionality
1. SharePoint Engine
The entire web site functionality was built on top of Microsoft SharePoint, enabling content managers to use a familiar interface to update site content. This single engine was then used for all Impellam brands to enable them to work in the same way everywhere.

2. White Labelling
On top of the SharePoint engine we added a suite of custom web parts which shared a core set of CSS classes, designed for maximum flexibility so that each brand could retain its own uniqure look and feel.

3. Individual Branding
For each brand we started with a base CSS file that contained everything we needed. We then changed the properties of each rule to enable the brand to stamp its identity on to the engine, without the loss of any functionality.

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